The Weekender: Entertaining and Being Entertained

May 31, 2010

This weekend my girlfriend’s parents visited us in NYC. Here’s a visual history of what we did from Saturday AM to Monday AM:

Cafe Champignon NYC

Cafe Champignon, 7th Ave btw 21st and 22nd. Brunch or dinner is delicious at this very affordable French cafe. The steak is excellent.

Chinatown Brasserie NYC

Chinatown Brasserie, corner of Lafayette and Great Jones. Energetic atmosphere, but food was only OK. BBQ Beef, Filet Mignon and Soup Dumplings were good.

Cafe Gitane in the Jane Hotel

Cafe Gitane in the Jane Hotel, Jane btw Washington and West Side Hwy. Voted best brunch of 2009, definitely lived up to the hype. Delicious breads, baked eggs w/ Merguez sausage, and great french coffees. The Apple with Brie is great small plate to share.

Highline Park NYC

Walked Highline Park on a beautiful day before going to the theatre.

The 39 Steps play

The 39 Steps is a comedic play adapted from the Hitchcock film. Although difficult to understand at times, it was very creative in its use of stage props and few cast members. Slapstick humor at times.

Balaboosta NYC

Einat Admony, owner of Taim, strikes again hard with Balaboosta on Spring and Mulberry. The food was some of the best I've had in months. The Sea Bass with assorted veg and feta was delicious as were the Hummus and Meatball Falafel small plates.

Murray's Bagels NYC

Murray's Bagels. Twice visited. A must for any weekend.


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